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In the time of Captain IPA, beer was drunk as water. But of course that doesn’t work if you did a job where you had to stay sharp. That is why Session IPA was introduced. An IPA with a slightly lower percentage of alcohol. During the break a beer or two and you can hit it again. Easy does it!


The character of Captain IPA is perfectly reflected in this West Coast IPA. You taste the hard bitterness in perfect balance with tropical fruit tones. A little challenge makes life more interesting. Let’s toast the good outcome!


The color of this IPA is an ode to the favorite color of Captain IPA. Light gold and a bit cloudy. When tasting this IPA you will ask yourself: “What the Wheat !?”. The firm bitterness is soon weakened by tropical tones and the creaminess of a Weizen. The attentive drinker tastes that banana has the upper hand. Experience it for yourself.


Be pleasantly surprised by the sweetness of tropical fruit and pleasant bitterness. It’s a delicious taste bomb. When you open the can, the scents of mango, passion fruit, pineapple and citrus meet you. Do as a Captain IPA and confront this Mosaic IPA. The victory will be yours!